Schedule Agreement Change Bapi

We work on a critical topic in the production with appointment. This is the current price condition 24.10.2016 31.10.2016 10.00 USD 1 -> record of condition No. 1 (KNUMH) 01.11.2016 30.11.2016 20.0 USD 1 EA -> 2 (KNUMH) 01.12.2016 31.12.9999 10.00 USD 1 -> 1 (KNUMH) I`m trying to change things with BAPI_SAG_CHANGE. This program works perfectly in foreground mode. But when I try to run the same thing in the background, I correct a “MESSAGE_TYPE_UNKNOWN” error. I tried to debug this problem and by calling in BATCH mode, I found that it calls the MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE (not sure why every time this BAPI publishes an outgoing IDoc type EKSEKS). in… NotesRestrictions> on BAPIs for framework agreementsSsas management>:When new items are created, only one point per key variable can be specified. This means that a period can be indicated for the document head (i.e. condition table A019), for each item (i.e. condition table A016) and for each item/factory combination (i.e. tableA068). If changes are made to framework agreements, all periods can be used.

Periods should not overlap for a variable key. If the conditions are changed, new condition games are created. The terms of the document> are not supported. Because the > re-volume conditions are not taken into account in the contours, they are not addressed. No sub-points > (for example. Included/exclusive, display, etc.) is not taken into account. The quality management control key in acquisition> (EKPO-SSQSS) and certificate category> (EKPO-ZGTYP) are only partially taken into account: these two pieces of information are copied from the reference contract or the strain of the material, but cannot be modified and no testing is carried out for these two fields. The review level> (EKPO-REVLV) is not changeable because several quality management routines have not been implemented.

Version management> is not supported. External management of services> is not supported (no planned or unforeseen services). Creating configurations> is not supported. If a delivery plan is changed (activity 02), the following additional information is verified>:M_RAHM_BSA> occupant in the purchasing group agreementM_RAHM_EKG> purchasing group in the structure agreementM_RAHM_EKO> purchasing organization in outlineagreementM_RAHM_WRK> Plant in a framework agreementMore informationMore informationThe following business complements are available: MEOUT_BAPI_CUST> for customer extensions (BAdI can be implemented several times). MEOUT_BAPI_IBS> for internal extensions to SAP (BAdI can be implemented several times). DescriptionThe setting contains the head data of the delivery plan. DescriptionThe setting contains foreign trade data from a delivery plan. Value RangeIn SAP ECC 6.0> only two fields are supported. StandardThe output of field values is not currently supported. DescriptionThis setting contains the head data of the delivery plan.

DescriptionThe setting contains the data editing structure of the head of the planning agreement. DescriptionThe setting contains the data fields for processing foreign trade at the head level of the delivery planning instance. DescriptionThe setting contains the foreign trade data change setting of a delivery plan. DescriptionA instance of the commercial object clearly identifies> BUS2013> (delivery plan). StandardThover is a mandatory field. DescriptionThe following fields can be filled:MESSAGING_APPL: App choice for message outputNO_MESSAGING: No message determinationNO_MESSAGE_REQ: No message outputNO_AUTHORITY_CHECK: Do not perform permission checkValeur rangeMESSAGING_APPL the following instances can have:A: Automatic Application DeterminationB: Planning the delivery schedule without appointment lines or contractC: Exit of the delivery plan presentation linesN: no message outputThe settings NO_MESSAGING, NO_MESSAGE_REQ, and NO_AUTHORITY_CHECK canbe`X`activeor` inactiveDescriptionThe TestRun> setting is used in BAPIs (CreateXXX andChangeXXX) to verify the instance information before the object instance is actually created